Do you want to zero out your debts and eliminate your financial worries?

Do you want to spend more time with your family and provide a brighter future for them?

If you are an OFW, do you want to come home for good?

A Financial Literacy Seminar especially designed for Filipinos

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My GOAL is to teach you how to properly build a SOLID



I will teach you how to:


You will learn how to lay down your financial goals in a clear and detailed manner.

  • Understand Your Cash Flow

  • Set Financial Goals the Right Way

  • Identify People’s Behavior on Money

  • Form Healthy Money Habits

  • Adopt a Proper Mind Set


It is not only how beautiful your financial house is, but more importantly, how strong it is. You will learn the basic solid foundations you should build on that would be able to support your financial house without which your financial house will come tumbling down when financial calamities strike.

  • Lay Down the Foundations

  • Set Priorities in Every Stage of Your Financial Life

  • Choose the Right Investments

  • Earn Millions in the Stock Market

  • Manage Retirement Risks

  • Plan Your Estate


While you are building yout financial house, you will learn the ways and means on how to protect it from unseen and unexpected events that can disrupt, derail or altogether topple down your financial goals.

Let my kids show you the step-by-step tutorials in stock investing. If they can do it, so can you!

Click the image and watch Jme, our 5-yr. old girl, show you how to open a stock market account with COL Financial.

Here are the benefits of attending It’s TIME!:

  • You will be spared the costly mistakes of trial and error.

  • You will learn how to achieve your financial goals within your designated time frame.

  • I will give you pointers on how to let go of your negative beliefs about money that keep hindering you in your attempt towards financial abundance.

  • You will learn all the available vehicles to riches or the different kinds of investments.


About the Speaker

What people say about JOEY

Audiences everywhere enjoy Joey’s seminars. Let her teach you the path to abundance in your financial and family life. You’ll be blessed. Bo Sanchez

Founder, TrulyRichClub

The path to financial freedom is possible but can be quite challenging for the uninformed. You need a ready mindset, intentional action, and credible support to help you achieve your goals. Let Joey accompany you in your financial journey as we believe that everyone deserves to live a richer life. Edward K. Lee

Chairman & Founder, COL Financial Group Inc.

You don’t want a one track speaker who’s an expert in one subject only. You don’t want a speaker whose only concern is just to sell a product. You need one who can offer you a wide spectrum of generating, conserving and growing your wealth. You need Joey Tayaban.

Whether you’re in a corporate setting, in the Academe, in a Civic or Religious group, you need a speaker who can deliver what she promises on Wealth Management. You need Joey Tayaban.

Above anything else, Joey deeply cares about her audience. And she speaks starting from that premise. I know this. Because I had the priviledge of listening to her speak on several occasions. And I was not disappointed. Not once! Reylindo Ortega

Author, Founder, Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, Grace to be Born, Jeremiah Foundation, Pag-asa ng Pamilya, etc.

“I have never seen a person as driven and as passionate in educating about financial literacy than Joey. She has changed many people’s lives for the better and hopefully, she may change yours as well.” Edmund C. Lee

President & CEO, Caylum Trading Institute

Sincere.  Effective.  Engaging.  That’s how I would describe Joey Tayaban. Her heart is in the right place. She loves to serve and she genuinely cares about her audience. She can speak to a group of 30 people or 300 people and she can be as engaging. If you want a speaker who is competent, confident and with solid financial character, invite Joey Tayaban. I highly recommend her. Sha Nacino

Author, Speaker and Founder, The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge

Joey is a passionate finance advocate. Beyond the financial principles she teaches, Joey’s heart to make a difference in other people’s lives sets her apart from many others. Randell Tiongson

Author & Speaker , Randelltiongson

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