Feel stuck on your stock market investing?
Fear not.
I'm here to guide you every step of the way!

Hi, My name is Joey Tayaban.

I created my blog colmejoey.com back in 2013 to help people who seemed to be at a loss on what to do after opening a stock market account. It contained BASIC, step-by-step tutorials on the how-to's of stock market investing.

But despite the simplicity of my blog tutorials, there were still some people who preferred to learn during LIVE sessions. Hence, I'm bringing these LIVE sessions back with "It's TIME! Stock Market".

In this powerful seminar, you will learn:

How To Open a COL Account

How To Buy Stocks

How To Sell Stocks

How To Fund Your Account

How To Get Certification Of Your Stock Accounts For Use In Applying For Visa

How To Change/Cancel Order

How To Accept Rights Offer

How To Lodge Original Stock Certificates To Trade Online

How To Withdraw Funds

And Many More...

PLUS: You will learn the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO to make this stock investment work!

This is where most people fail and that's why after years of investing in the stock market, they still don't become RICH! I, and the rest of my family will teach you this KNOWN SECRET!

I will also teach you several Energy techniques learned from my years of study and practice of the Law of Attraction and from attending Tony Robbins events. (Value: over $1,000)

Prepare to be Amazed!

Those who know me know that I am very PASSIONATE in what I do! I share everything I know and I GENUINELY CARE about my attendees and everyone we get into contact with!

This is the ULTIMATE SEMINAR you’ve been waiting for!

So, come one, come all!

Attend the Stock Market Seminar.

Learning fee is Php 497 only!

NOTE: Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE but transferrable.