It’s Time

We are new breed of extraordinary Financial Advisors.
Properly educated.
Extensively trained.
Fully committed.
Wisely mentored.

Our Calling

Deep inside every working Filipino is that dream of living a prosperous life. We are here to help make those dreams become a reality.

Making a difference in the lives of Filipino families is a thrust that’s heavily anchored in Sun Life’s mission. This mission is carried out by the bloodlines of the company: the Financial Advisors.

Sun Life Financial is not only about insuring lives. A financial advisor’s job does not get done when a client purchases a policy or invests in the company. A financial advisor serves as the light that guides one in carrying out and making wise financial decisions.

Be a Financial Advisor!

If you’re passionate in helping people achieve financial freedom, in steering the direction of your own success, and in maximizing your potential and getting rewarded for it, too, then this career path is for you.

And while you are busy helping Filipinos achieve financial freedom, Sunlife is taking care of your financial prosperity as well.